Candid, Authentic Wedding Photography in Ottawa + Toronto

Wedding Photographer for Ottawa, Toronto, and the EU. Sonia’s wedding clients believe in the value of wedding photos as a tool for sharing joy and connection with their friends, family, and eventually, maybe even grand-babies, but they also believe that their actual wedding and the celebrations of the vows they’re making to each other is even more important.

If you’re here, it’s likely because you want a photographer who will capture beautiful, artistic photos of your wedding day. But you don’t want them to stop there, you also want the photos to reflect the true, beautiful story of your day, without the awkward “say cheese” part or having your wedding feel more like a photoshoot than a celebration. Those are the kind of images you’ll be excited to display all over your home to look back on for decades.

I’d love to work together to create unique images that document the moments you’ll want to remember.

Branding Sessions

My aligned branding sessions are made to up-level the creative small business' brand to a place where your brand is authentic to you and your desires and still, ideal clients come running. My focus on brand strategy allows us to intentionally design a shoot that communicates your brand's heart and soul.



Helping you remember a big day in its tiny moments through candid, artistic photography. My approach is a little unconventional; when photographing a wedding day, I focus on capturing the wedding in a way that's authentic to the day so that when you look back at your photos over the years, you can reminisce on the beauty of the day -- rain or shine. I bring over 10 years of experience and a high level of creativity to create portraits for you that you truly feel like yourselves in.

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