This is my husband Eric!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my assistant Rachel!

This is my husband Eric!

I’m a believer in the importance of balance in life. In all things, food, work, play, relationships — especially in relationships — but it’s also become a big theme in how I approach capturing weddings. There’s a balance between allowing a genuine moment to unfold without interrupting and giving direction when things would look better with a small tweak. 

What we're all About

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There’s balance in knowing when to insert your vision into a photo and when to be a fly on the wall. There’s balance in striving for a technically perfect image, but knowing when the genuine emotion could be missed when there’s only a split second to capture it. There’s a balance between capturing a moment as true to what you see as possible and capturing the feeling instead. 

There’s a time for it all, and as a professional wedding photographer, it’s my job to know which time is which. This is a skill that only comes with many years of experience and it’s what allows you to wake up the next day after the wedding is said and done and have heirloom photographs that capture the essence and memory of the day. 

I started photographing weddings at age 13, and photographed my first one solo at age 15. Since then, I have taken schooling in business and advertising all the while growing my photography business. Sonia V Photography was established officially in 2017, but my wedding experience began long before that. 

Growing up in a small town a couple hours away from Toronto, Ontario, I had the travel itch from a young age. I was lucky enough to start traveling on my own for my cousins' weddings across Canada at 16 and as soon as I graduated high school, I hopped on a plane to discover as much of the world as I could and hear the stories of people who had lived such different lives from mine. I've since traveled and photographed in many countries such as New Zealand, India and Spain, and I continue to offer my services worldwide, with a focus in Canada and Europe.

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Sonia Bouwman

Sonia officially established Sonia V Photography in 2017, but people are often surprised to hear Sonia has been shooting weddings alongside professionals since she was 12. She photographed her first wedding solo when she was 15. Like a true enneagram 7, Sonia gets genuinely excited for every project on her calendar and has way too many hobbies to keep track of.

owner & lead photographer

favourite part of the wedding day

currently inspired by

favourite media

can be found

bucket list

Pride & Prejudice
The Office
Any book by Sarah J. Maas

A cruise through the nordic countries
Swim with sharks
Photograph a wedding in the safari

Old love letters
Interior design
Nature (specifically plants)

In the garden or youtube-ing how to do her next home reno project

Right after the recessional, when everyone is so excited that they did it and there are a million hugs all at once

Rachel Bakker

Rachel began assisting with Sonia V Photo alongside her kindergarten teaching role in 2021 and has a true helper's spirit (enneagram 2). She has a sense of humour that always has everyone around her laughing and a true eye for noticing and capturing sentimental moments between friends and family. On wedding days, you will find her catching candid moments and making sure Sonia is getting fluids.

Admin & photography assistant

favourite part of the wedding day

currently inspired by

favourite media

can be found

bucket list

There’s not a true crime doc you’ve seen that she hasn't

A trip to Alaska, cottage weekend on the lake with all my favourite people and many more beautiful sunsets

Some tunes
Good views
Honest & hardworking people

Helping out at her husband's family farm or curled up next to her fireplace reading fantasy novels

The wedding party celebrating the couple and showing all the love to their buddies

we believe in

the beauty of the imperfect

building an intentional life

the beauty of marriage

honesty and integrity

the value of every individual

we re-experience our day and are overwhelmed by the beauty of our photos

"It was an absolute pleasure and honour to have Sonia capture our special day. She so intentionally connected with us to understand what we wanted--then did it with excellence.

We wanted a memory box of our day in photos and that is exactly what we received. Every time we look through our photos, we re-experience our day and are overwhelmed by the beauty of our photos.

I must add that our wedding took place during a pandemic and Sonia reassured us by providing a depiction of our day suitable for loved ones that were unable to join us. She has an eye for special moments, and she captures beautiful moments that you never want to forget. Very gifted and humble photographer--but an even more beautiful person for intentionally making people feel special."

JD & Diana

Sonia was prepared, professional & transparent

"We are so glad to have chosen Sonia as our wedding photographer; she did an incredible job capturing our day just as we had asked - producing photos that are full of laughter, tears and a few drinks/dance moves sprinkled in between.

Throughout the entire process, Sonia was prepared, professional and transparent. We had no surprises and she struck the perfect balance of being easy going while providing direct instructions and support. We felt at ease every time she took our photos.

In summary, we simply can’t recommend Sonia enough. If you’re still deciding on a photographer to capture a special event, consider this your sign to book Sonia!"

Katie & Andrew

feels like you are with a family member on your wedding day

"Amazing is an understatement! Sonia captured our special day in the most special way. She travelled down to Dominican with us to capture our day and we are so thankful for her coming to do that. Her talent in photography blows me away. The moments we missed being busy we got to relive through our photos which we are so thankful for.

I would recommend her time and time again. Her bubbly and friendly personality makes it feel like you are with a family member on your wedding day.

Thank you for everything Sonia!"

Rebecca & Devon

You captured every emotion so perfectly

"These are AMAZING. I literally started crying during dinner because they so perfectly captured so many wonderful moments. Thank you so much, these are truly incredible and the wedding photos of our dreams.

We will sit down and write a real review when we are back but I had to say something right away. I tear up like every time I look through the photos because they are so magical and you just made it look so aesthetic.

It went by so fast and had a few little hiccups but looking at the photos really made me realize that we had the wedding of my Pinterest dreams. I also hate having my photo taken and was so nervous but there’s not a single photo that makes me cringe. You captured every emotion so perfectly and this is just the preview?! We are just in awe of you and these photos. Thank you!"

Megan & Nick

Not only is her photography amazing, she is a lovely soul to have at your wedding

“I was a bridesmaid in 3 weddings photographed by Sonia before hiring her and she still managed to impress me.

Sonia is such a professional – responsive, well organized website, contracts and gallery, and photography is phenomenal.

We are beyond grateful we had her for our engagement and wedding photos! We will cherish these photos for a lifetime. Not only is her photography amazing, she is a lovely soul to have at your wedding.

I cannot recommend her enough.“

Kristen & Matt

From day one she made us feel like we were her #1 priority

"I don't even know where to begin! Sonia was absolutely incredible to work with and produced the most beautiful photos of our wedding. From day one she made us feel like we were her number 1 priority, and she kept that feeling throughout the entire process.

Even now, a month after our wedding, she still continues to amaze us. If you are looking for a photographer who cares about the little things, captures the most beautifully candid moments, and actually listens to your wants/needs, you found her!! We honestly cannot express how happy we are to have chosen Sonia for our special day. Thank you for EVERYTHING Sonia!!"

paige & Spencer

Sonia has gone above and beyond our wildest expectations

"Our experience with Sonia as our wedding photographer has been nothing short of perfect.

Starting at our initial meeting, Sonia was engaged and interested in who we are as a couple. She asked us thoughtful questions to get to know us as a couple and we instantly knew she was the photographer for us.

She was flexible and easy going throughout our whole time working with her. We had absolutely no stress on our wedding day knowing she would capture the most beautiful photos (which she did). She captured every perfect moment and detail of our day.

At every point in the process, Sonia has gone above and beyond our wildest expectations. Working with Sonia is a gift that keeps on giving!"

Meredith & Steven

My Philosophy

I believe my primary role as your wedding photographer is to document the story of you and your day. To be able to freeze those genuine moments so that you can relive them for years to come. I believe that this day is the culmination of who you truly are and what you value, so the photos not only represent the wedding day, but also your human legacy. Your photo gallery should capture you, the true, messy, imperfect, worthy you -- not a perfectly posed version of you.

unposed and imperfect

ottawa Film photographer

One of the ways I achieve these imperfect, candid photographs is by photographing with film cameras. Film forces me to be more intentional with each frame and to more thoroughly appreciate the beauty in each frame. This mentality of shooting has also bled into my digital work and has improved my overall abilities as a photographer. 

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