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What style of photographer should you hire for your wedding day? Hiring a photographer is a tough decision, so let’s break down the things you need to think about when considering who you want to hire before you dive yourself into the never-ending research phase.

What style wedding photographer should I hire?

Ottawa lawn bowling and tennis club wedding venue ceremony at golden hour

I know what you’re thinking—there’s gotta be a catch here. A professional wedding photographer endorsing NOT hiring a professional photographer for your wedding?! What’s the deal?

How to Get Beautiful Wedding Photos Without the Expense of Hiring a Pro

Advice from those who have been through the whole wedding planning thing and have come out the other side alive and married. When I emailed my brides from this past year asking for advice they would offer to newly-engaged couples, they jumped at the opportunity to help the next couples coming down the aisle. Here’s what they said:

From past brides to future ones: their best wedding advice

This year has been a packed one. It’s Sonia V Photo’s year #3 of officially booking and shooting weddings and families. This year I:

Best of 2019 weddings

What’s it like to work with Sonia for a wedding? Well hey, that’s a good question and I’m glad you asked. I am aiming to document your wedding, like really document it. I want to get the moments that go unnoticed, like dad washing his glasses in the sink before leaving for the ceremony, or a […]

The Sonia V Photo wedding experience

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