Own a small business? A branding shoot is the best way to create quality content for and increase the professionalism of your small business’ social media, website, printed material, blog posts, packaging, and overall brand. This kind of shoot is also perfect for the launch of a new product or service, or to revamp the look of old ones.

What does a branding session look like?

We will take headshots that show your personality (I work hard to create an environment that you’re comfortable being yourself in) and show you at work in your business environment, home environment, or other location that we decide makes the most sense for this shoot. We’ll brainstorm together to personalize your shoot so it’s consistent with your brand and shows what really matters to you and your business.

But I don’t stop here. I also start a discussion with you about the branding/marketing strategy behind your business, ask you questions you may have never thought of before, and give you tips on what you should be doing to up-level your brand right now.