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Your Wedding Photography: a DIY guide

The past five years, I’ve hosted massive giveaways each year. For four of those, I gave away a full day of wedding photography coverage and every time, I’ve been astounded by the stories shared with me about the beautiful humans in this world.

Stories of humans who deserve beautiful captures of their wedding day, but most of whom can’t afford to hire a professional. And no wonder, professional photography costs anywhere between $3000 and $15,000. One bride said in her giveaway nomination, “we can’t afford a photographer – I was going to take them myself or have a friend of [my fiance’s] mother’s do it for us. (Yikes, I know).”

I want to take away that “yikes, I know” feeling. It’s okay to ask a friend to shoot your wedding when you can’t afford a professional! If you need permission to do it, here’s your permission: do it. If you’re worried the photos won’t be able to capture the magic of your day, then let me help you. This is exactly why I’ve created this course — to equip an amateur or complete newbie photographer with everything they need to know to capture a wedding, minus the overwhelm.


“As an amateur photographer who shot my cousin’s wedding a year ago, I wish this course had been available then because 100% I would’ve taken it. The course provides a doable guideline for an inexperienced photographer with tips that would’ve given me so much confidence going through the process of shooting my first wedding. It taught me how to make it natural for the clients, what moments are important to capture, and even how to figure out what photos the couple desires most when they may not even know themselves.

The depth it goes into to explain helpful tips throughout the entire process, having worksheets, having editing tips — yep, it’s worth the money.”

– Rachel

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I don't know who I'm going to ask to be my photographer yet, should I still buy the course?

You're free to wait if you'd like, but the course comes with lifetime access, so if you purchase it now, you can give it to whomever you decide to ask later and it will be ready for them to dive right into.

I'm a hobby photographer, not a bride or groom, will this course help me?

Absolutely. The course is for anyone who would like to learn how to document a wedding without all the pressure of starting a new photography business or trying to find clients to photograph. You may only ever photograph one wedding, and this course will be the guide you need to do it with excellence.

We can't redo a wedding like you can a regular shoot and I'm worried my friend might lose the photos or miss important shots and our chance will be gone.

Of course I can't promise your friend will take everything I teach and do it all perfectly, but I do teach my systems to ensure I don't lose files from the wedding. I also have an entire module preparing them for catching those all important shots -- especially the ceremony photos.

I don't know if my friend has the right equipment to shoot a wedding.

I have several equipment recommendations that fit into a tight budget that I talk about in the course. If your friend has a camera, they have what's needed to shoot your wedding.