Who am I?

You’re searching for your perfect wedding photographer and somehow you’ve made your way here. Before you make any final decisions, you want to make sure my personality is one that you’d be happy to spend a good portion of your wedding day with, right?

Absolutely! I would hate for you to end up with someone you don’t get along with — that will translate to your photos. You deserve a photographer who’s going to deliver what you’re looking for, so let’s make sure we’re the right fit.

I do things a bit differently.

I’m not a huge fan of posing in the traditional sense of the word. I find it tends to be stiff and lack personality. It’s wonderful for those timeless family photos and that one shot of you two smiling for mom and dad’s fridge. When we’re shooting, I will make sure you know what you’re doing and will give you plenty of direction. When you’re both comfortable with being in front of the camera, I’ll ask you some questions and direct you into a place where you can forget about me and just focus on each other and the little reasons you love this person.

It’s the real memories and emotions that I want to document. Because it’s the real memories and emotions you’re going to want to remember. If looking back on your photos is going to make you cringe about the awkwardness, they’re not worth taking. Let’s get some meaningful art so you can say “that’s so us”. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about what it’s like to work with me for a wedding day, check out my blog post on that here.