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Interior Design

We offer interior design photography and architecture photography to highlight the story of your portfolio spaces. Whether your goal is to capture the space for your website, for award submissions, or for editorial publications, we will work together to show what you are capable of as a designer.

Brand Photos

We specialize in strategic, on-brand photography for Ottawa and Toronto based service businesses. We work together to understand what makes your business unique and then design a creative shoot plan to bring that vision to life. Our goal is to communicate your brand's essence through each photo in your final gallery.


We include short, no-audio video clips with every photo session. These will match the same strategic outline we've created together so they blend seamlessly with your photos to create a cohesive content strategy. Ideal for use on websites and social media. We do not currently offer long-form video.

I’m a believer in the importance of balance in life. In all things, food, work, play, relationships — especially in relationships — but it’s also become a big theme in how I approach capturing brands and designs. There’s a balance between taking full control over an image and allowing space for life to happen and capturing that. 

10+ years of photography experience, ready to serve your ottawa based business

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frustrated that their calendar is full of projects they're not excited about

"I have worked with Sonia both for a mini marketing shoot and for interiors! She has produced the most beautiful photographs and really takes the time to ensure she is capturing exactly what you want! She is very easy to work with, and makes you feel comfortable during the shoots!

I especially liked that she involved me in the interior shoots, making for more unique photographs and producing action type shots. She listening to exactly what I wanted and delivered! She even moved furniture out of the way to get the best angles and shots of the space - this I was very impressed with! Sometimes the staging looks good from one angle but needs to be tweaked once it is seen behind the lens!

I would recommend Sonia for your photography needs anytime!"

"She listening to exactly what I wanted and delivered!"


Koda Interiors

"It just clicked right away. Since the very first conversation, Sonia knew exactly my vision. We both wanted to capture the process of my candle production at home in my tiny kitchen, and we wanted to show the behind the scenes with movement and creative "mess". What I appreciate the most is that Sonia knew that I didn't feel comfortable in front of the camera, and she let me naturally do my thing while she captured me at work. She created a very comfortable atmosphere for me.

I started my small business 6 months ago and I have been learning as I go. I was dreaming about booking a professional photo session at some point, but I didn't know if I was ready yet or if my brand was good enough for such exposure. I'm so happy that Sonia explained everything to me and convinced me that "this is the time" to show off my cozy, creative and friendly brand to my audience."

Sonia shared so many aspects of the formal side of business that she developed as a business owner herself of which I didn't realize the importance. I have to admit that my branding session also had a marketing and PR course included that showed me broader a perspective of being a business owner.

I am so grateful that Sonia helped me to realize that showing candle making process behind the scenes to the audience is very important to show all the work and heart put into it. When Sonia shared first pictures of the session with me, it was the first time in my life that I wasn't scared to look at myself. Sonia and her photography approach definitely gave me a self-confidence boost. This branding session was much-needed for my business as well as for myself.

"She created a very comfortable atmosphere for me."


lavender tree co.

"I reached out to Sonia because I had a look at her Instagram profile and was blown away by her talent. I honestly thought, "this artist is too good for me, but there's no harm in asking her," and she was so warm in her response. I sometimes find it really hard to communicate with words the feeling I see for a project but I trusted Sonia, and she nailed it!

Sonia kept checking in on me before our session on the feeling and look we were going for. It helped me feel safe that this was going to work out! She sent me an intake form with beautiful questions to distill the vision so it could be achieved. When we were on shoot Sonia never made me feel rushed or like time was running out which I so much appreciated. She was focused on trying different things to get the shots we wanted, which helped me because sometimes I have a hard time speaking up for myself.

The best thing about working with Sonia was that she is kind. She is inquisitive and smart. She understood things that I didn't have to say and, drumroll... she created the images I had wanted and never achieved in the last 5 years of having brand shoots (3 times a year). So there's that!"

"She created images I had wanted and never achieved in the last 5 years of having brand shoots 3 times a year."


Klein Essentials

"Wow I just looked through the pictures like a million times and I still can’t find the words!

They are amazing above anything I ever could have imagined. I notoriously hate any picture of myself so it was quite a jump to book a shoot to begin with but every step of the way you made me feel so comfortable and to actually look through an ENTIRE gallery and love pictures of myself!?!? Honestly never thought it would be possible.

These will be so valuable to me forever, thank you so much! I still can’t believe how we were able to encapsulate the essence of me and my business in this shoot, it’s so wonderful.

Again thank you so much for everything it was such a great pleasure working with you"

"I still can’t believe how we were able to encapsulate the essence of me and my business in this shoot."


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